Luminous is a script that takes execution to another level. With having a huge variety of features to improve your experience.



Here's What We Have To Offer

Stream Proof

Say goodbye to exposure. You have the ability to make your client streamproof so no admins or moderators can view you CHEATING. At Luminous, security is our top priority.


Luminous always has competition with other cheats in the market, while other cheats are ranging $15 for just one game, Luminous is ranging $10 for over 50 games supported!

User Friendly

At Luminous, the development team has made the features carefully balanced, and customization. You can change the color, settings, sensitivty, smoothness, and how the feature alone operates.


Feeling unsafe of security systems? At Luminous, we use 256 SSL Encryption to ensure hashing methods, dumping methods, and your data is stored securely from any third party service.

Fast Support

Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and assist you when necessary.

Frequent Updates

With SEMI-Daily Updates, Luminous never fails to impress.

We are always looking for improvements and are trusted by users from around the world

Don't believe us? Look at these statistics!


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Luminous Users


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Pricing Plans

Choose the best plan that fits your needs.


NO BS, buy it once you get it forever. Seems to good to be true? Nothing beats a lifetime license. Unlock each and single feature with a lifetime license.


What's Included

  • Premium Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Advanced Features
  • 100% Undetected
  • Stream Proof

What are you waiting for?

Take execution to another level with Luminous.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people ask us.

Luminous currently supports the following games:

� Universal ( All Games )
� Hood Games
� Clanning Games
� Anarchy
� Shooting Games
� Trident Survival
� And more 31+

We accept Cashapp, Paypal, Giftcards, and Nitro! We want our users to pay with any payment method they most feel safe with.

Yes, but if you want to resell it you have to pay a $3 fee. Read our Terms of Service for more info.